Diana Luke Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy Sheffield

Diana Luke Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy Sheffield

Diana Luke  Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy Sheffield

Hi I’m Diana and thanks for coming onto my website. I suppose all of my life I have had a desire to help others. Whilst still in my birthplace of Canada I started in nursing but found that I preferred to chat with the patients rather than administer bedpans. I then became a health and fitness adviser, a radio agony aunt and trained in many mental health areas including hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, CBT and Healing. My personal belief is that we all have a great deal of wisdom within us that needs to be tapped into , to create our own unique potential. I treat every client as the individual that they are and as such, no two therapies will ever be the same. Over many years I have also developed my intuitive and psychic abilities so that often I can get to the root of the problem quicker than many other therapists. I know that coming to see someone about personal issues can feel initially daunting so if you have any questions, please contact me via phone or email and I will do my best to reassure you.

Diana Luke Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy SheffieldDiana Luke Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy SheffieldWhen you come to my home clinic, you will see it two thirds up on Newlyn Road on the right hand side. My name is on the post as seen here.

Newlyn Road has a cul de sac at the top of the road so you can turn around there and park across my drive.

When there are so many therapists to choose from, why choose me?

I think perhaps it would be best if you viewed the client testimonials that I have collected from others who have been before you. My Google reviews are small as many who come for therapy wish to remain anonymous and Google needs you to reveal your email address. I respect that. The reviews that former clients have sent me to put on my website only reveal a first name and all the comments are genuine. Having worked in radio for over 25 years as a radio presenter and agony aunt and also as a voice over artist, you may have heard my voice already on commercial radio, the BBC and on many airlines running relaxation and personal development programmes.

Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Professional Soothing Voice.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Intuitive and psychic skills.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point 25 years of experience.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Quiet private therapy room.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Free parking directly outside.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Close to main bus route.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Genuine registered therapist.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Former client testimonials.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Fast Track Therapy in 3 hrs.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Friendly & Compassionate.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Good results in as little as 2 sessions.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Supportive Therapy MP3s & CDs.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point 100% Positive track record.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Affordable.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Skilled also in NLP, CBT and Psychotherapy and Healing

Diana Luke Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy Sheffield

The National Register
of Hypnotherapists &

I continue to take further training to keep up to date with new therapeutic strategies and hold many professionally recognised certificates and diplomas. I am also also a registered member and  fully trained and certified in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, and CBT.  Furthermore I have trained Counselling, Coaching and Ego State Short Term Psychotherapy. I have also trained in IBS Hypnotherapy and am on the Register of Approved Gastro-Intestinal Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists. I have also trained in  HypnoPsycho relief for cancer clients to help with both the phsyical and psychological effects of the illness.

Diana Luke Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy SheffieldI have got more from one session with Diana than I have from 2 years of counseling! Diana Luke Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy Sheffield

Are YOU ready to make the change for you?

My work has included anxiety, depression, wedding jitters, pregnancy and childbirth, confidence, nail biting, smoking, anorexia, bulimia, slimming, blood pressure, OCD, burnout, insomnia, stammering, public speaking, getting pregnant, travel, irrational fears, phobias, grief, exams, performance, relationships, negative thinking, anger, body image, insecurity, memory, habits and disorders, cancer, finding love, sexual issues, dealing with loss, addictions, sports performance, smoking, slimming, healing the inner child, abuse, IBS and many many more over the past twenty years.

Diana Luke Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy SheffieldThe future depends on what you do today. Diana Luke Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy Sheffield
~Mahatma Gandhi

Diana Luke Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy Sheffield

Diana Luke Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy Sheffield


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