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Diana Luke - Hypnotherapy Sheffield

Diana Luke – Hypnotherapy Sheffield

Sheffield’s own award winning Radio Agony Aunt and BBC Radio Presenter – Diana Luke, has helped many therapy clients feel better, fast, since 1986. Former clients have often said that, after years of trying other therapists with little to no success,  Diana was their last hope! Today, they continue to do well and enjoy a new outlook on life, thanks to Diana and her Hypnotherapy Sheffield’s unique brand of healing.

Why do people choose Diana to help them make that significant change?

Many people have said that once they have been to see Diana for therapy they would not go any where else! The reason is simple, she is the best in her field! And the skills that make her the best are many and very unique;

Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Professional Soothing Voice.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Intuitive skills.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point 25 years of experience.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Quiet private therapy room.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Free parking directly outside.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Close to main bus route.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Genuine registered therapist.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Former client testimonials.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Fast Track Therapy in 3 hrs.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Friendly & Compassionate.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Good results in 3-5 Sessions.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Supportive Therapy MP3s & CDs.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Hypnotherapy Sheffield.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point 100% Positive track record.
Hypnotherapy Sheffield bullet point Affordable.

Audio clip from Diana’s award winning agony aunt show on Beat FM Ireland

How does Diana get positive results, FAST, that stay with you?

For starters her soft, soothing and caring Canadian accent is second to none. That’s why she’s an award winning radio agony aunt. Diana Luke’s silky voice can be heard every weekend accross Yorkshire on BBC Radio Sheffield, York and Humberside. Diana’s broadcasting career started as Viking Radio’s first female presenter back in 1987.

Another unique skill comes into play when you sit in front of her. She intuitively knows what your deep underlying problem is and how to sort it. This is her natural intuition and wisdom. It comes from her Native American ancestors. You cannot teach it or learn it, you either have it or you don’t and Diana definately has it, in abundance!

The National Register of Hypnotherapists & PsychotherapistsFinally all this is backed up by the required certificates that you must have to practice as a professional clinical therapist. Diana is also a registered member and is fully trained and certified in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, and CBT. She is a  Counsellor and Ego State Short Term Psychotherapist. She also specialises in IBS Hypnotherapy and in HypnoPsycho relief for cancer clients.

Hypnotherapy SheffieldI have got more from one session with Diana than I have from 2 years of counseling! Hypnotherapy Sheffield

Are YOU ready to make the change with Hypnotherapy Sheffield?

Whatever your personal issue may be,  get in touch and see what Diana’s Hypnotherapy in Sheffield can do for you.

The future depends on what you do today.” Mahatma Gandhi

Diana Luke - Hypnotherapy Sheffield Business Card

Diana Luke Hypnotherapy Sheffield Business Card

Contact Diana Luke:

E-mail: diana@dianaluke.org

Text/Phone: 0794 833 6993

Landline: 0114 221 4632