HYPNOSIS - How it works

What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and concentration at one with a state of heightened awareness induced by suggestion. It is a non-addictive power for the good and is a natural manifestation of the mind at work. The word hypnosis is derived from the Greek word 'hypnos' meaning 'to sleep', but is actually far from being asleep. By the time the early users of hypnosis realised this and tried to change the name it had already become fashionable.

Are there any people that can't be hypnotised?
No, except sometimes individuals with learning difficulties, although of course the degree varies from person to person. The only other exceptions would if someone was 'high' on the effects of alcohol or drugs. Basically the more imaginative and intelligent you are, the more successful it is. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis; the professional therapist guides you with a personal, focused programme tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Are any drugs or tablets used?

Will I remember what has happened?
Yes. Most people are surprised to find that they remember most of what happens during the therapy. It is a state of heightened, not diminished awareness. However you may well be surprised how quickly the time goes when you are deeply relaxed.

So I'm not asleep then?
No, simply very relaxed and positively focused.

Are there any causes for concern?
None whatsoever. Hypnosis is a proven therapeutic aid. The only time hypnosis could prove dangerous is whilst driving or using machinery. You should not listen to a hypnotic CD ever under those circumstances.

Can I speak whilst in hypnosis?
Yes and in some cases you will be encouraged to do so.

How many visits will I need?
Simple problems, such as smoking, nail biting, slimming usually entail 3-5 sessions and the success rate is very high. The more deep-rooted nervous disorders such as phobias and panic attacks can require more extended therapy to gain the permanent success you desire but this is not always the case. This will be discussed on your first visit.

Can I be influenced to do anything against my will?
No, and in fact you would naturally come out of the hypnotic state should such a thing happen. All NRHP therapists undergo strict background checks and adhere to a professionally regulated code of ethics.

Can 'normal' people be hypnotised?
Absolutely but Clinical Hypnotherapy is nothing to do with stage hypnosis which is solely for entertainment. Properly qualified hypnotherapists do not engage in hypnosis for entertainment. Provided you want hypnosis to take place, expect it to take place and perhaps most importantly, allow it to take place, it will take place for you. In fact the more intelligent and imaginative you are the easier it is to gain the full benefits of clinical hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to help you take back control of your life and to help you achieve your personal goals and dreams.

On the right is a list of some of the ways Diana can help you, but the list is not exclusive so if your symptom or complaint is not listed, please contact me to discuss it further and see how I can advise you.

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Addictions/ caffeine/sugar/tranquillisers/smoking/drugs/chocolate
Attracting Abundance
Acid Stomach
Accepting Sexual Identity
Achieve your True Potential
Asserting yourself
Attracting Love
Accepting yourself
Achieve your goals
Anti Ageing
Baby Bonding
Binge Drinking
Be a Confident Public Speaker
Better Posture
Break Bad Habits
Boost your Self Esteem
Bladder Control
Compulsive Lying
Child Issues: sleep, bed wetting, temper tantrums, bullying
Confidence for Dating
Confidence at Work
Compulsive Spending
Couple Counselling
Coping after an Abortion
Coping after Rape or Sexual Abuse
Control Blushing
Control your Anger
Cancer Treatment
Crohn’s Disease
Deep Relaxation
Decision Making
Driving Test
Eating Disorders – CBT for anorexia, bulimia, comfort eating, compulsive eating
Ease Wedding Day nerves
Emotional Baggage
Exam nerves
Family Therapy
Fear of water
Fear of crowds
Fear of the dark
Fear of death
Fear of doctors and dentists
Fear of driving
Fear of failure
Fear of losing balance
Fear of germs
Fear of intimacy
Fear of germs
Fear of going places
Fear of loud noises
Fear of needles
Fear of spiders
Fear of snakes
Fear of success
Fear of talking on phone
Fear of thunderstorms
Fear of travel
Fear of vomiting
Focus and Concentrate more effectively
Freedom from Drugs
Getting Tidy and Organised
Hay Fever
Health Issues
Healing Child Abuse Survivors
Hypno Chemo CBT for Cancer Patients
IBS Therapy
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Improve your Confidence
Improve Relationships
Improve your Sex Life
Improve your Sports Performance
Improve Concentration and Listening Skills
Improve Study for Exams
IVF: Preparing for
Learn to Communicate more Effectively
Lower Blood Pressure
Life Coaching
Making Successful Life Changes
Make your Dreams Come True
Marital Problems
Menopausal Symptoms
Moving on in a Relationship
Motivation for Healthy Eating and Exercise
Muscular Relaxation
Nail Biting
Natural Child Birth
Panic attacks
Phobia Release
Overcome shyness
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Obsessive Behaviour
Pain Relief
Pain Management
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Pre Surgery
Post Surgery
Powerful Public Speaking
Premature Ejaculation
Problem Solving
Post Natal Depression
Rebuilding Trust
Sexual Confusion
Separation Anxiety
Skin Problems
Sleep better
Slim Effectively
Social phobia
Sea Sickness
Stop smoking permanently
Stop irrational fears and phobias
Stop drinking so much
Stress Free Flying
Stress Management
Stutter/ Stammer
Successful Interviews
Teeth Grinding/ Bruxism
Weight Gain
Weight Loss


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