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Buy Hypnotherapy CDs Online

Below is a list of many therapy CDs that are available to purchase now and use in your home, to further enhance your therapy sessions. Audio Therapy CDs have been found to be very effective even when they are used on their own.

It is essential however to remember that all my CDs contain powerful relaxation messages and under no circumstances should they ever be used whilst driving an automobile, operating any machinery or at any time that requires your undivided attention. Ideally you will be lying or sitting down in a quiet place free from distractions.

The CD programmes are approximately 30-45 minutes long and ideally should be listened to daily for the first week, then a minimum of three times a week for the next fortnight.

The more you listen to your programme, the more you will not hear it and the more you don’t hear it (consciously) the better the effect as you listen to it subconsciously. You will find the positive changes will take place without you having to will them with your conscious mind. As an example, if it is to stop smoking, you will find yourself thinking about smoking less and desiring a cigarette less without forcing yourself to not smoke.

This is a voice sample of the beginning of one of my audio Therapy CDs/MP3s so you can judge the sound quality and the professionalism. All my CDs and MP3 downloads are produced and presented by myself in my own professional recording studio.

At checkout, please follow the instructions to add your home address to the order, so I know where to post.

For further details or if you do not see a CD listing for your particular situation please contact myself – Diana :  diana@dianaluke.org and thank you for your interest.

If you are purchasing a CD out side of the UK then please add £2 postage by clicking this button.