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Comedian Jason Manford reveals how he copes with his mental health ‘struggle’

Manchester’s celebrated comedian, Jason Manford, has posted a heart felt personal message to his followers on Facebook regarding his mental health.

It took a lot of courage to speak out like that to his fans and I really hope it gives confidence to all who watch his video, to open up if they are also mentally ‘struggling.’ I agree wholeheartedly that people in the UK, especially men, don’t talk freely enough about how they are feeling.

In my native home of Canada as well as in the USA, people take pride in seeing their “shrink” and openly talk about and recommend their therapists to friends and family. Their attitude to mental health is much more relaxed and open.

When someone breaks their arm, we have sympathy for them but when we have mental health issues here in the UK, we tend to see it as shameful and something not to discuss. This is why Jason Manford’s honesty and vulnerability touched me. I believe it takes a strong person to be vulnerable; not the other way round. It’s easy to say “I’m fine” but harder to admit that all is not as well as it could be. When we admit that we need help with our emotional and mental pain in addition to our physical pain, we are stronger and can take the necessary steps to release the pressure. Our mental health is vitally important to our overall well being.

In my corporate work, in the field of clinical supervision called Talk It Out, reveal many people who have never ever talked about their mental pain.
It’s an honour to work with these clients who find the strength to open up and flourish. So let me give some professional advice for when you ask the question, “How are you?” If they do open up and tell you how they really feel, then please, actively listen! Active listening is not waiting for a gap to reply, but to listen attentively, giving them your time in a non judgmental way. You may not have an answer but you have really listened and made a difference.

Together we need to change the shocking statistic that suicide is the biggest killer of men under 55 years old, simply by talking and listening.

Thank you Jason Manford for initiating this conversation

Jason Manford Facebook Video

Posted by Jason Manford
on Tuesday, 7 May 2019


I was reading the other day about poor Mike Thalassitis and it really got me thinking about struggles I’ve had with my own mental health. This is just a little video to explain why I’ve not been as present on social media this year, I’ve been struggling mentally and I just wanted to pass on a bit of advice that sometimes helps get me through tough times.

Lots of love,


PS if you have nobody at all to talk to then try the Samaritans, they’re genuinely amazing. Call free on 116 123

Facebook Link

Here is the link to Jasons Facebook page and video. Please consider leaving him a comment and show your support with this ongoing conversation about mental wellbeing. Do talk about this issue with friends and family so the subject of mental health in this country is no longer taboo.


Let’s all talk it out

If you find yourself “struggling” to cope with stress or depression then do please tell someone. They may be able to recommend a therapist that they have seen themselves. There are many therapists like myself in your area, that can help with what you are going through, so do a Google search for Psychotherapist or Hypnotherapy in your town or city.

Failing that do as Jason suggests and pick up the phone and talk to The Samaritans.