The first standard session includes a comprehensive health check and stress assessment questionnaires which will be sent to you to fill in prior to the session. Please print them out and fill in the forms. If you bring them along to the first session it will save time and offers me a greater insight into your personal therapeutic requirements.

My personal belief is that we all have a great deal of wisdom within us that needs to be tapped into, to create our own unique potential. I treat every client as the individual that they are and as such, no two therapies will ever be the same. Over many years I have also developed my intuitive abilities so that often I can get to the root of the problem quicker than many other therapists. I know that coming to see someone about personal issues can feel initially daunting so if you have any questions, please contact me via phone or email and I will do my best to reassure you.

Hypnotherapy Price List

The default session has traditionally been one hour, but you may choose differently to suit your individual needs. The options are from 30 minutes to the popular and intense shorter 2 hour Fast Track Therapy.

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Payment only by Cash, Bacs or PayPal is accepted. If you live further afield I can also offer individual therapy over the telephone or Skype via PayPal.

Important Information

Please be on time for your appointment as there is often only ten minutes between clients. This allows for confidentiality and anonymity. If you do need to postpone an appointment 24-hours notice of cancellation is required. Please read the, Missed Appointment Policy.

Your Skype Options

For a Skype session you can choose from 30 minutes or an hours therapy. Just get in touch first and arrange your preferred time to Skype. Once you have your virtual appointment click the blue Pay Now button and you can purchase securely through PayPal servers.

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“Diana’s natural intuition and warm friendly approach ensures that she gets to the heart of your problems quickly. A vareity of techniques she has used has proven more effective in a short time than previous councilling sessions I’ve had elsewhere in the past. She has proved a safe enviornment in which allowed me to release my inner demons from the pandora’s box and put me on the path to loving ‘the child within’ and ‘being kinder to myself’. Thankyou Diana I am well on the way to leaving the ‘weight of my past’ behind me and move forward with my life.”
~Marie (Sheffield)

Fast Track Therapy

Are you tired of being tired, fed up of being fed up, depressed about being depressed? Do you want to make things happen but don’t know how?

Fast Track Therapy
Fast Track Therapy

Fast Track Therapy is an intensive three hour therapy session that gets the results you require. Whether it’s learning new skills to enjoy life again, resolve past emotional issues that are keeping you stuck, eradicate an outdated negative habit that’s holding you back from your true potential, in three hours you can turn your life around for the better; £200

What have you got to lose… except procrastination, anxiety, lack of confidence and any other excuse holding you back in this present moment. Sessions are available weekdays and Saturdays.

“For the first time, for a long time I feel calm. I feel strong and capable and clear headed. This feeling began the moment I left my fast track therapy session with Diana and has grown stronger day by day. Diana is a warm, intuitive person who puts you at ease. The three hours went by very quickly and though I was moved to tears it was handled with sensitivity. I would have been sceptical in the past and would have claimed that hypnotherapy wasn’t for me. However, I now feel positive about the future and feel equipped to deal with whatever life has to offer.”
~Alison (Sheffield)

Hypnotherapy Audio Sessions

Now for instant download are a growing list of Hypnotherapy Audio Session files at a cost of only £9.99 each. Subjects include Health and Well Being, Boosting Confidence, Stopping Smoking, Losing Weight, Exam Nerves, IBS and many more which can be played on your computer, made into a CD, used on your iPod or iPhone (by synching through iTunes) or any portable mp3 player.

For the quickest delivery they are payable through PayPal which sends an instant e-mail with the downloadable link of your chosen recording. Please remember the link is active for only 24 hours.

If you find that I don’t have a particular mp3 recording that suits your query then please get in touch with me, Diana Luke, on the contact page.

“Hi Diana Thank you so much for helping me with this. Great service and much appreciated. I have now successfully downloaded it onto my laptop and synched it through iTunes with my iPad, so I am able to use it on that. Once again, thank you. Best wishes”
~Chris  Sent from my new iPad