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Couples Counselling Sheffield

As a therapist in Sheffield, I get lots of couples asking for counselling to sort out their relationships. They ask about marriage guidence or relationship therapy either way I can help them better relate to each other. Couples Counselling works like this. Both parties come to a session and I listen to each of their stories. I also ask them to listen to each other. I give them the tools to create a better dialogue so each person understands where the other is coming from.

This sounds pretty easy on the surface but as each couple has a history of mis-communication it can take a little while to get into the habit of listening and communicating in a new way.

The Telegraph article assures you that it does work.

How Couples Counselling Works

Couples Counselling Sheffield

Couples Counselling in Sheffield works because you both want it to!

Most people listen not to the words and emotions behind the words but they listen for the gaps in between so they can jump in and say what they want to say. This is the quickest way to tell the other person that they have not being listening and that they have not been heard. So we have to create new fertile ground to sow the seeds of active listening. I will show you how to:

Couples Counselling Sheffield Actively listen

Create new habitsCouples Counselling Sheffield

Couples Counselling Sheffield Choose positivity

Couples Counselling Sheffield Stress release

Couples Counselling Sheffield Ignore negativity

Couples Counselling Sheffield Problem solving

Couples Counselling Sheffield New understanding

Couples Counselling Sheffield Goal setting

Couples Counselling Sheffield Rephrasing questions

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If you think your marriage needs some friendly help and advise to re kindle your passion then do please get in touch and allow me to give you the tools to you both, so you are able to couple counsell yourselves moving forward. I can see the both of you together at my home clinic in Sheffield 8, for my usual 1 hour fee. Alternatively I can also see you both individually at different times. We can work out what’s going to be best for you both in the future. So do get in touch with total confidentiality, your personal secrets are safe with me.

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