Personal Resilience Questionnaire

How Resilient Are You? - Diagram
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Read each statement, then rate how much you agree or disagree with it.
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1. I feel my life has meaning
2. I consistently maintain a positive point of view in my thinking
3. I share my feelings and concerns with people whom I trust
4. When things are tough I focus on where I want to get to
5. I believe I can influence the direction of my life
6. I eat a healthy diet
1 out of 7
7. I have clear life goals
8. When I experience unwelcome negative thoughts I stop them
9. I find it easy to ask for and accept help from other people
10. I believe I can solve the challenges I experience in my life
11. I am aware of my personal weaknesses and vulnerabilities
12. I exercise at least twice a week
2 out of 7
13. I feel connected to a higher purpose or meaning
14. When I find myself dwelling on negative thoughts I quickly change them to positive thoughts
15. I express my own emotions in a way that others can understand and accept
16. I draw strength from having overcome previous challenges and tough experiences
17. In stressful times I control my own strong feelings
18. I make time for myself each week to do something that makes me feel good
3 out of 7
19. The work I do fits in perfectly with my personal values
20. When I experience powerful negative emotions, I take action to deal with whatever is causing them
21. During tough times I am sensitive to the feelings, needs and emotions of others
22. During particularly tough times, I choose to persevere rather than give up
23. When I experience anger and frustration, I manage my behaviour so that I don’t damage myself or others
24. I am able to identify when I am stressed and take action to unwind
4 out of 7
25. I am taking steps to achieve my life goals
26. In my life I choose to be positive rather than negative
27. When problem solving, I listen to people with views that are different to mine
28. If I have a problem, I take action to deal with it rather than just thinking about it
29. I don’t dwell on things that I can’t control
30. When experiencing difficult times, I make an effort to do things that are enjoyable, relaxing and recharging
5 out of 7
31. There are significant people, causes and faith in my life
32. I am realistically optimistic about my own capabilities and limits
33. I easily give support and help to others
34. I follow tasks and projects through to completion
35. I am good at recognising the things which I can influence and the things that I can’t
36. My intake of alcohol, tobacco or caffeine does not increase when I am stressed
6 out of 7
37. My behaviour is driven by my values
38. I am good at looking at situations in a different way to try to find the positives
39. I find it easy to talk openly to others and build relationships
40. I am good at finding solutions to problems and challenges
41. I play to, and make the most of my strengths
42. I take good care of myself
7 out of 7

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