How to Find Your Happiness

In this seemingly crazy world, everyone is searching for happiness and I believe I have the secret to finding it. The first thing to say is, you can only find happiness once you stop looking for it and live in the now! This may sound very strange to many, but it’s true. We are constantly surrounded by happiness all the time but we don’t see it… Why?  Let me explain, how to find your happiness.

Happiness seems so intangable to the vast majority of people. Some try to find it in buying new objects of desire but it’s only short lived. Others try to look back to a time when things seemed happier. It’s not in either place. This is because happiness can only resides in the NOW! Where else could it be? It’s not in the future because we havn’t got there yet and it can’t have been in the past because that’s where we have just come from and we didn’t really find it then. Maybe you did find it for a fleeting moment, until the new posession became not so new…

So how do I find the now?

That’s where I come in. I have designed a workshop to do exactly that, called Mindfulness Today. Maybe I should have called it How to find lasting happiness in just 5 hours! Simply put I teach how to be in the present moment. Granted, it may take some work on our part because there are many distractions in our lives that either pull our thoughts to the future or distractions in our memory that drag us to live in the past. But, in this one day workshop I teach the tools to put distractive thoughts to the back of our mind and allow our present un-contaminated thoughts to come out and play. The result is a glow of total happiness and contentment, now, that fills our head and spreads into our future in the form of optimism.

Once we start listening to our mind and I teach how to understand what’s going on in there, we can begin to work magic on ourselves. But beware it is contageous, it will permiate into every relationship we encounter and people will respond to our new found glow.

Find wonder in the word

Be wonderful or should I say, be Full of Wonder. Imagine making a cup of tea. The water flows from the tap. Imagine how it got there, falling as rain on a distant hillside trickling down a valley into a reservoir, flowing through miles of pipework, just for you this moment. Think of the electricity that’s been generated from trapped gas pockets in the earth flowing through miles of wiring and switchgear, just for you in this moment. Observe the teabag floating and enfusing with the molecules of water. Each tea leaf has been picked thousands of miles away by people just like you with homes and families. The leaves have been soaking up the sunshine and then packaged and transported thousands of miles, just for you today. All these things have come together in one moment, just for you. How wonderful does it feel to know and be part of this moment, how impossible is it to be ungrateful for this simple moment of shared joy.

The present is a gift, and my gift is to share my knowledge to help find the present moment for you, the gift of now.

If anyone has found happiness and contentment with their lives, without stress and without haunting guilt or fear of the future and what it may bring, then they will be pleased to know that they have no need of my help and guidance.

But, I may be able to help you!

My Mindfulness Today Workshop will be held in Sheffield on the 12th November 2016. Learn more about my workshop by pressing the button below. Please note places are limited but can be reserved.

I am looking forward to sharing my present with you.