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Diana loves to help people help themselves

diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffieldMy life’s purpose has been dedicated to healing people both physically and mentally. Commencing with my nursing and my heath & fitness programmes in my native home of Canada, the time I enjoy most in my working life is talking with people, helping them to come through their emotional and psychological issues and supporting them with empathy and compassion.

When I left Canada to come to the UK back in the 70s, I continued to work as a Lecturer in Health Education within Adult Education. I was often told that I made people feel very calm and safe with my voice. I was subsequently offered a job in UK Radio as a Presenter and worked both nationally and locally. I was the winner of an award for Best Audience Interaction for my show helping others on the air as an Professional Agony Aunt. I also have done many Personal Development Broadcasts on a variety of international Inflight Programmes for large airline companies.

My work within hypnotherapy and psychotherapy has been over 15 years and I have additionally trained to offer further skills of NLP, CBT, Ego State Short Term Psychotherapy and Counselling. I am also on the National Register for IBS Hypnotherapy and also have specialised in HypnoPsychotherapeutic relief for clients with cancer.

Furthermore I have completed the four part training for Healing using a gentle but effective hands on approach.

My psychic ability has been a natural resource I have been able to ause to complement my academic skills to further engage more empathetically in the healing process both mentally and physically.

I have worked with all ages with great success, from children and teenagers, to adults and couples. I have also worked with referrals from solicitors and social workers to psychological assessment teams and mental health agencies.

I have welcomed many clients who have felt through years of searching and using other sources without success, that I was their last hope. I am pleased to say they are doing well now and enjoying their lives like never before.

Points to Consider when Choosing a Therapist

diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield 25 years of experience
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Quiet private therapy room
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Free car parking in the driveway
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield CBT Certificate
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield NLP Certificate
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Counselling Certificate
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Close to main bus route
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Genuine Registered Therapist
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Former Client Testimonials
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Affordable
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Intuitive Therapy
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Customised Therapy for You
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Fast Track Therapy in 3 hrs
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Cash, Cheque or PayPal
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Professional Female
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Non Judgemental
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Therapeutic Tools & Advice
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Good Results in 3-5 Sessions
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Supportive Therapy MP3s & CDs
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Positive Track Record
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Confidential
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Available Days & Evenings
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Relationship Counselling
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Professional Soothing Voice
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Therapy via Skype & Phone

Please feel free to contact me in confidence to see what I can do for you too.

Diana Luke Business Card

Diana Luke Business Card


Sheffield Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

NLP CBT practitioner

To make a booking please either:

E-mail: diana@dianaluke.org

Text: 0794 833 6993

Telephone: 0114 221 4632

I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your true potential.

Kind regards,

Diana Luke
The National Register of Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists

Hypnotherapy,Psychotherapy, Counselling
CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
The National Register of Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists

Hypnotherapy in the Sheffield Area

In addition to her private Hypnotherapy sessions and consultation work in Woodseats Sheffield, Diana Luke is on the NHS Register as one of the very few practitioners in the country qualified for the Hypno-Chemo Programme which is aimed at alleviating the distressing physical and psychological issues which can present during chemotherapy. Diana is also on the IBS Register which specialises in treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome using hypnosis.

Diana specialises in:

diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Hypnotherapy
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Psychotherapy
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Counselling
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Coaching
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Self Hypnosis
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Relationship Counselling
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Programming)
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Eriksonian short term psychotherapy
diana-luke-hypnotherapy-sheffield Mentoring in the Sheffield South Yorkshire area and further affield through MP3 Downloads

Diana Luke is a Professional HypnoPsychotherapist and has helped many hundreds of clients using Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, NLP, CBT, Healing, Creative Visualisation, Ego State Short Term Psychotherapy from: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, nationally and internationally via Skype and Phone.