Online Therapy Counselling

Online Therapy Counselling

Many of my clients have requested to continue their counselling sessions and I believe this is best carried out online, using our smart phones. Every one seems to use either WhatsApp, FaceTime or Phone and I have found them to be my favourite means of delivering Online Therapy Counselling to anyone who requires my services.

Diana Luke as viewed when on an Online Therapy Counselling session

Booking and Payment

How it works is for you to get in touch through a text and request an appointment. This can be for the full hour or if you prefer just a 30 minute session that can be easily arranged. Payment is quick and easy through BACs Transfer, which I can text you.

An alternative method of payment is through PayPal, simply click the button below after choosing the duration of the session that you require.

Add to Cart

I will already have your mobile number, so I can contact you at the appointed date and time. Payment needs to be at least two hours before your appointment, please. Once your payment is confirmed, we can either communicate using video or simply audio on its own. The choice is yours, for whatever platform you are comfortable with using.

I look forward to working with you soon.

Text: 07948 336 993 or E-Mail: