Personal Development Advisor Sheffield

If you are feeling like many others, stuck in a rut with your mind, body or life style, I may be able to help you achieve what you are missing in your life. As a Personal Development Advisor in Sheffield for over twenty five years I have a vast amount of experience in many areas that has proved to be beneficial to many others seeking help and advice for their own individual direction in life.

How a Personal Development Advisor works

I have trained in all of the areas below and have held workshops and seminars to groups of people from all walks of life. But I specialise in working on a one to one basis as I find it has the most long-lasting and beneficial result for the individual mind. Many sports personnel have their own coach or personal advisor. Often they help them achieve fitness and strength but more and more often the mind is accessed and trained to achieve personal targets and to view their future successes.

I help people with a whole host of issues including:

  • Goal setting
  • Healthy eating
  • Personal fitness
  • Life without purpose
  • Meditation
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Mindfulness
  • Psychic awareness
  • Relaxation

Your own coach and personal development advisor

Personal Development Advisor - Diana Luke
Personal Development Advisor – Diana Luke

A mind coach will give their client guided meditations to allow their subconsious to set clear and achieveable goals. No matter what circumstance, the mind always performs best when it has a goal that it can work towards. We set our goals by what we say to ourselves. Often what we do say can be an unknown hinderance rather than being helpful.

So please allow me to help you become the person you want to be. It may not be as difficult as you think with your own coach and personal development advisor. I will supply you with all the tools needed for your success. And with help and understanding we will move into a new future filled with happiness and contentment.

If you live in the Sheffield area please don’t delay, get in touch today!

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