Personal Testimonial

From: Mark D <>
Date: 7 October 2017 at 11:43:36 BST
To: Diana Luke <>
Subject: Diana Luke Clinical Therapist Sheffield

Hey Diana,

So I wrote this today on google review, its too long I think – is there a min words? I kind of turned into a blog style post!

Diana has changed my life, immeasurably.

I suffer with addictions and depression. When I found Diana, I was at a very low ebb earlier this year. I had broken up with my partner and I had zero confidence in my ability to do my job. I had formed some very bad habits. They were taking me to even lower places, and it was quite easy for me to say I hated myself. Suicidal thoughts were arising.

Diana has transformed me, and I understand myself at last. She has also given me an understanding on how my internal and external world works and how I can achieve my goals, which I had run out of ideas and energy on. I feel so content  being me and my confidence has gone significantly risen as a result.

Diana is very diverse which means to me, she can communicate to any client I suspect, and as we are all different, have diverse views on the world, religion, spirituality and overall beliefs. I needed someone who could communicate in a spiritual way, as I view the world in a certain way, but needed also validation that some of her remedies for my illnesses/weaknesses needed a bit of fact and science behind them, so I could absolutely get on board. So what I am trying to say is, she can reach anyone, no matter what your problem or how you view the world. She will break big stuff down that runs deep into our core that causes many of our issues, to simple understanding that leave you with ‘ah, that’s why I am like I am.’ When we start to understand who and what we are, then we can manage those issues better. I understand what addictions arise from, and now I can make peace with it, and they have slowed right down.

To understand why I am who I am, and what I do as result, has changed the way I look at myself and the world too. I am so much kinder to myself and whilst I do fall from time to time, as I am not going to heal 35 years of hurting in just several months, but I know right now, I am more than enough to accomplish my dreams and I am right where I need to be.

Diana has the ability to change the world but I suspect each day she changes the lives of all the clients she sees, who in turn go back into their lives feeling so much better, which then positively impacts on the lives of all the people close to them. She is a wonderful women, so patient, kind, humerus, welcoming and so non judgemental; you can tell her your darkness and she will turn a tear into a smile. Its an absolute gift and although there is a cost to the session, her influence on my life has been priceless.

She has helped me heal so much, which now allows me to enjoy my relationship on levels I didn’t think was possible, particularly when we started we had broken up. Professionally I am thriving and I am the happiest I have ever been.

I have done all that work, because its us at the end of the day who has to show up each day because whilst it would be mega to have Diana on your arm to walk through each day and negative thought, we have to do it. But, Diana is the facilitator of that positive change and she gives us all the skills to thrive again. And she only gets 60 mins each week to help us move forward, which is an incredible skill. She is the platform for our change.

I am so grateful for her, she has changed my life, and I will continue to see her regularly because I want to evolve and contribute positively to this world, as she inspires me to help others the same way she has helped me. Even if that’s me asking someone at the bus stop how their day is, and listening intently to their answer. We can all reach one person. She installs a kindness back to us that we forget when we get involved with our own story as we make our life all about us and our issues.

Sheffield is very very very fortunate to have this woman here ready to help any of us that really needed. Invest in yourselves and turn up, expect miracles and watch yourself fly back to your best, then, beyond what you thought your best is.

Diana, thank you, and that’s not just from me, that’s from my family, partner, friends, students and anyone who has felt my shift and growth since we started. Keep changing lives, and please work until your 125 years old. The world needs you.

Mark D

Thank You

Mark, thank you for your honesty and for allowing me to use this testimonial. Wishing you the best of luck in all that you do.