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Prevention Better Than Cure!

I was talking with one of my clients the other day – a well respected head teacher in a busy school. When people ask him how he copes and manages to keep his stress levels to a minimum and keep on track with his well being both mentally and physically, he tells them he comes […]

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Hypnosis for Broken Hearts

Hypnotherapy has become popular, of late, as a tool to break all manner of addictive habits from smoking to over-eating. But now thousands of women are turning to it to help them move on from a relationship gone wrong. Its selling point over traditional therapies is its claim to be a quick and effective way […]

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Emirates Inflight Magazine

If you are flying with Emirates, do check out my Inflight Audio Programme in their Emirates Inflight Magazine. My audio programme is designed to help your flying experience be even more relaxed and enjoyable. The airline has just been in touch to update my photo for their Inflight Magazine. “We feature your audio piece where […]

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