16 Panic Attacks mp3

Panic Attacks mp3

Panic attacks are very debilitating and stressful. And rather than getting better by themselves by avoiding the trigger they will infact grow bigger, very much like the bully that they are. They can and do control your life, if you let them!

The only way to avoid the panic attack is to confront it and overcome it with a little assistance from an expert in this field. I will talk you through the process in a calm and relaxing way and give you the tools that you can effectively use to defeat the panic attack when facing it’s trigger.

Here are some potential benefits of using this audio hypnotherapy download for relief from panic attacks:

1. Calming the nervous system: The audio hypnotherapy download can help calm the nervous system, reducing the intensity and frequency of panic attacks. By guiding you through relaxation techniques and soothing suggestions, it can promote a sense of calm and relaxation, helping to alleviate panic symptoms.

2. Managing anxiety and fear: Hypnotherapy can assist in managing anxiety and fear associated with panic attacks. The audio download can help reframe negative thought patterns and beliefs, providing tools to cope with anxious thoughts and feelings, and promoting a more balanced emotional state.

3. Enhancing self-regulation: The audio hypnotherapy download can help you develop self-regulation skills to manage panic attacks. By accessing the subconscious mind, it can assist in identifying triggers and providing techniques to regain control over your thoughts and emotions during a panic attack.

4. Building resilience and confidence: Hypnotherapy can help build resilience and confidence in dealing with panic attacks. The audio download can reinforce positive affirmations and visualizations, empowering you to face panic-inducing situations with greater confidence and resilience.

5. Promoting relaxation and stress reduction: Panic attacks are often triggered by stress and heightened arousal. The audio hypnotherapy download can induce a state of deep relaxation, helping to reduce stress levels and promote a more balanced and calm state of being.

6. Overall well-being: By providing relief from panic attacks, the audio hypnotherapy download can contribute to an overall sense of well-being. It can help you regain control over your life, improve your quality of life, and enhance your ability to engage in daily activities without the limitations imposed by panic attacks.

Remember, individual experiences with hypnotherapy may vary, and it’s important to choose a reputable and professionally created hypnotherapy download. It’s also recommended to complement hypnotherapy with other supportive strategies, such as therapy, stress management techniques, and seeking professional guidance if needed.

“I came to see Diana after months of thinking about it and never actually having the confidence to see a therapist. I had 8 weeks until my very large wedding day and physically felt like my brain was freaking out with control and panic issues and I could never relax and was quite low. From the moment Diana opened the door I felt at ease. She is a truly wonderful person and completely non-judgemental. She put me at ease and we talked through my worries. In the following sessions certain events in my past came to the surface and it was like a weight being lifted talking things through. Diana taught me relaxation technique’s and her MP3 is excellent. She certainly gave me back some confidence in myself and taught me how to deal with moments of anxiety and the importance to be happy in my own skin. After just one session I started to function better and we had around 6 sessions before my wedding day. The result was my wedding was perfect, I didn’t suffer a panic attack which was amazing and something which I owe all to Diana, my day was perfect and I was so happy. I enjoyed my day and hold happy memories which I will treasure forever because I had the confidence to be myself. I feel far more positive, content and happier as a person. I would 100% unreservedly recommend Diana Luke to anyone.
Thanks again.”
Andrea x

All MP3 audio files have been designed and recorded by Diana Luke to aid in over coming your chosen topic. Each file is around 30 minutes in length and has an accompanying relaxing music to help you drift into the magic of hypnosis, allowing Diana to connect with your subcontious mind to sooth and heal.

To gain the best from this product, it is suggested that you listen to it every day for one week and then at least three times a week for the next two weeks.