Client Feedback

I am always happy to hear how former clients are doing and I am sure that prospective clients would like to hear Client Feedback too. Please feel free to drop me a line or two at or you can text me on my moble, which is 0794 833 6993. I always appreciate hearing your feedback about your success stories.

Yes please Diana. May we have another. Thanks for today’s appointment. Erica can only take things on board from people she connects with. You have managed to do that. Regards Coleen

Hi Diana. I am a former client. I just wanted you to know how effective your therapy was for me. I saw you in 2016. In 2019, I left the Police to start a new business. Despite the pandemic, the business is going really well. I am still using your mp3 and techniques to tackle the rollercoaster we call life. You are more than welcome to use this for your website with my name. I tell people about how you helped me. I hope all is well with you and stay safe. Scott

I know that time is a precious commodity, so when you do take the time to leave your Google review or testimonial, I truly do value it. Client confidentiality is paramount so different names are used to protect your anonymity (name chosen by the client) but the content you see is 100% genuine.

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Hypnotharapy Feedback

qThanks for yesterday – wish I’d recorded it – was the best hypno Iv ever had : ) q
~Ben from Sheffield

Fasttrack Feedback

qThank you so much for your insight and care. I’ll be gentle with myself today and definitely work on it becoming a consistent part of myself. Best wishes. q
~Lydia from Sheffield

Hypnotherapy Feedback

qThanks for yesterday – wish I’d recorded it – was the best hypno Iv ever had 🙂 q
~Ben from Sheffield

MP3 Client Feedback

qI could listen to your voice all day long it’s so soothing and relaxing.
You are a very talented and gifted lady.
~Louise from Sheffield

Clients Testimonial

Telephone TherapyDiana’s website states “Become the person you want to be – fast” – this is not some empty promise or exaggeration – I know that it is absolutely possible with her help. It is hard for me to believe that just a few weeks ago I was utterly depressed and totally lacking in confidence. I am now happy, positive, confident and looking forward to a completely different future. I cannot thank her enough or recommend her more highly – mere words cannot convey my enormous gratitude. Telephone Therapy
~Kay from Sheffield

Relaxation & Confidence MP3

Telephone TherapyThank you for your mp3 on Relaxation and Confidence. You have such a great voice! It brought back lovely memories of being in your home. I have listened to it twice already and had a really deep night’s sleep afterwards. I would like to order two more mp3’s from your website. Are there any that you would particularly recommend for me? Best Wishes. Telephone Therapy
~Mary Sheffield

Relaxation & Confidence MP3

Telephone Therapy Just wanted to say a big thank you for the relaxation and confidence hypnotherapy mp3. I woke up just as you were counting me awake which for someone who has never been hypnotised was rather unnerving 😉 clearly it works! Will be listening to it regularly before our little one arrives. Cheers. Telephone Therapy
~Rachel – Stannington

Therapy in the Now

Telephone TherapyI was incredibly satisfied with the therapy that I had with Diana, because she has undertaken training in a number of different fields, you are not limited to the any one kind of therapy and she will adapt it to suit you, Nothing is forced upon you and she will explain and talk you through anything that you are unsure about. I have continued to use the tools that Diana gave me, Unlike other therapies I’ve tried in the past, I really like the fact that we concentrated on ‘now’ rather than dredging up the past. Because our sessions took place in a treatment room in her home, I always felt more relaxed and safer than I would in some stuffy office or treatment room. I would recommend anyone looking for a therapist to give Diana a call first.Telephone Therapy

~Andrew W (Sheffield)

Relationship Issues & Confidence Building

Telephone TherapyI came to see Diana for the first time after a bad relationship I was in, on arrival I immediately felt a warm welcome and Diana did many techniques on me which after a few sessions lifted all the bad thoughts and emotions that were festering in my mind. I truly feel that Diana changed my life forever. I’m now positive and happy, I have my own business and live in a happy relationship. I recommend any of my friends having troubled times to go and see her as she has many ways of making a situation better. Telephone Therapy
~Nicola (Leeds)

Positivity with Hypnotherapy

qHi Diana – Amazing the effect it has having Hypno and talking with you. I am feeling much more positive today :-) Thanks! q
~Dan from Sheffield

MP3 Hypnotherapy Downloads

qThe reason I am contacting you is to give you some feedback regarding the MP3 hypnotherapy downloads I have been enjoying. I have purchased quite a few now and I can honestly say that your work is amazing. I came home from a busy 8 hour shift last night, was all tensed up and very stressed, no hope of sleeping so I downloaded the prosperity tape and fell asleep listening to it. Can’t tell you how great I felt this morning and have remained chilled all day. I also used the exam success download and guess what…. I passed with 90%. I think you are a truly gifted lady. Thank you Diana for sharing your talents with us in so many ways.
Kindest regardsq
Annie from Sheffield

Feeling Lost………….

qI came to Diana at a stage in my life where I really did not know which way to turn, feeling lost. With her help I was able to put things back in to context, and rather than to deny how I felt to embrace my feelings as a sign of which direction I should be taking. As a result I have now embarked on a new career. Who knows if it will work out but the fear that I had before which had kept me stuck in a bad place for so long has been banished. One thing is for sure is I am having fun, I’m doing something that I’m passionate about. Life had been a drudge until recently but now I can’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning and there is simply just not enough time left in the day to do everything that I want to do.

Diana – thanks for your gentle approach in which you helped me find my way. I now feel back in control and am learning to trust my intuition, to be more open and also to be more relaxed about sharing my feelings and emotions.

I think that sums it up nicely. Thanks Diana, you do have an exceptional skill and thank you so much for guiding me through what felt like treacle over the past few months.
So very much appreciated.q
Chris from Sheffield

Dealing with the Negative Self Saboteur

qHi Diana. Just wanted to write and say thank you for all help over the past few weeks. It’s been an amazing experience and I’m still reeling at how quickly things have been slotting into place. I know we’ve still got some work to do together and I’m still having the odd day where the old self doubt creeps in, but I’m accepting of that and just see it as something to deal with from time to time, rather than letting it take over. Unlike other therapies I’ve tried in the past, I really like the fact that we concentrate on ‘now’ and that fact that our sessions take place in your lovely home, so i always feel relaxed and safer than I would in some stuffy office or treatment room. Thank you! q
Andrew from Sheffield

Life Changing Experience

qHi Diana it’s Tom. I hope your well? I’m looking into doing a counselling course and I want to write a little about some of my life experiences and I think coming to see yourself was probably my most life changing! Thanks x q
Tom from Sheffield

Inner Child CD

qHi Diana.
Just listened to your ‘inner child,’ cd for the first time. Just wanted to say thank you so much. I immediately felt a shift and plan to listen to it most evenings fingers crossed! Lovely, beautiful work. Thanks xx q
Rosie from Sheffield

Pregnancy and Childbirth, Smoking Cessation

qHi Diana, Just wanted to say how much Im enjoying the cds particularly the pregnancy one and the wellbeing one. I’m so chilled and positive from them, they’ve really clicked with me! Update on the smoking – not smoked for a week and a half, until one last night after too much wine. I’m not beating myself up about it as I feel confident in my own power to make sure that doesn’t happen again. I suppose I can “top up” by listening to the smoking one again as and when. Anyway, they are absolutely great, thank you xx q
Anne from Manchester

Lovely to hear you, Diana! (From Ireland)

qDiana, I used to listen to you all the time when you were a part of Beat 102-103 in Ireland. Without fail, every time I’d come home from school as a young teen I’d tune in to hear the fantastic advice you used to give and how you were such an open friend to anyone who needed help in darker times. It was a real comfort to me and when you left I was so upset. I can still remember the sad lump in my throat realising I’d never hear your regular slot there again.

I recently remembered about you but couldn’t for the life of me remember your surname and after some light searching online I found out about your new position at BBC!

Right now I have a huge smile on my face hearing you again. Brings back so many wonderful memories I can tell you. My cheeks hurt from this smile. I’m somewhat dismayed that the shows is a 60s one – I thought it was another chat/advice show – I had hoped to email you about a problem that is getting me down. Regardless of the type of show though, I’ll just take this opportunity to wish you all the best once again. It really is fantastic to hear you once more.

Lots of love, best wishes, regards and UTMOST ADMIRATION.q
Kevin in Ireland. (PS- Loving the show so far!)

Calmness & Safety for a client who has been previously abused

qWhen sat in Diana’s therapy room there is a sense of calmness and I always feel safe that nothing is going to hurt me when I’m there.q

Confidence at Work

qThank you for your time yesterday,
although a new and strange experience it already seems to have had a positive affect at work.q

Self Confidence and Relationships

qHi Diana, just to say I’ve met a wonderful guy, things going really well. Thanks for all you did for me, it helped me sooooooo much. I am in a good place, thanks to you x.q
Louise in Sheffield

Positive Self Image

qDear Diana, I’ve been meaning to write since I had the sessions with you around this time last year. I really wanted to thank you for your positive work with me as I feel it has worked very well. Last time I saw you I was wanting to sort my binge-drinking out. That seems like a long time ago now now as I feel like I’ve grown up a lot since then! I still have rip-roaring times however, I just feel happier in myself and not so self destructive. If any friends of mine have an issue they need help with, I will definitely be recommending you. q

Finding self confidence to move forward

qJust a note to say how much I value & am benefiting from my visits. I came desperate to gain a sense of self, to be able to say “no” sometimes and to le go of past demons. (I didn’t know I needed to do this last point at the time!) Your insight, intuition and warmth seemed to quickly get to the heart of “me”. In a short time you have made a real difference to how I think and feel. After our sessions I sometimes jot down a few “thoughts”. Can I share a few? “Saw Diana. She really understands and hit the nail on the head for me.” Saw Diana and once again she worked her magic.” Am so glad I came to Diana. Thank you. Thank you from me (& my daughters who have noticed the difference!) Love.q

Panic attacks

qHi Diana
i wanted to contact you to say thank you so much for comng to my home in Sheffiled a few years ago, I was sufering with panic attacs and couldnt relax. Well I now live in NZ and from time to time still use your cd to help ground me in times of stress or worry. So Thanks for being you xx.q

Hopelesness and despair

qI was very fortunate to find Diana at a very very difficult time in my life. I’ m not sure if I was at rock bottom but very close – panic attacks, sense of failure, wasted life and weight problems, just terrible feelings of feeling terrible at all times no future at all! Diana helped me with her care, professionalism at all times, understanding, skill sets, step by step she helped me get better, seeing Diana you will get better and understand your problems better. It’s a journey but you will get there and in the end, it will be worth it, good luck!q
Richard x

I am a non smoker now!

qHi Diana, I wanted to let you know how I am getting on. I have not had a cigarette since 16th Aug and I don’t want one. You have transformed my life. I don’t crave them any more. As I said to you I was so terrified that stopping smoking was going to be traumatic that I didn’t bother to save myself the anguish of failing. Most smokers want to never have started in the first place and I feel just like that. It is a distant memory, it is remarkable. I am also a lot more confident and happy. You are quite fabulous and I will be grateful forever.

Raising Confidence to Rebuilding Life

qDiana has helped me through the hardest part of my life, having to learn how to love myself and believe in ones self! Ranging from being suicidal, drug and alcohol addiction, low self confidence, childhood abuse, relationships, IBS problems, panic and anxiety attacks to lack of sleep and broken sleep pattern, Diana rescued me and with time made me see life in a more positive and clearer light. Realising life was worth living Diana taught me how to deal with my past and problems with a combination of Hypnosis, CD’s and just having someone to talk to. In a warm, safe enviroment Diana made me feel safe and very comfortable and we rebuilt my life!
Thankyou so much.q
Logan xx

Weight Loss, Confidence Boost

qHi Diana, Just to let you know I received the disc and used it last night. The relaxation hynotherapy worked a treat, calmed me down and relaxed me ready for sleep and I awoke refreshed and earlier than expected, full of energy and fully rested – amazing considering how my sleep pattern has been the last few months. There was also hypnotherapy for help with weight problem and I found the way you have helped me deal with it immensely useful and I’m ready to put it into practice.

I also have to tell you – I have successfully carried out 3 lectures so far and a further 3 to go. Prior to your sessions I was dreading them but with your help and focusing on what you told me, I sailed through them with complete confidence. Thank you so much for the help you have given me.

Hope your new grandchild arrived safely.

Much Love.q
Barbara xx

Fear of travel – Insomnia – Confidence at Work

qHi Diana, I am just writing to say a huge thank you for all the help you have given me over the past few weeks. I arrived on your doorstep not knowing quite what to expect or if what you could offer would work for me. I have to say from the moment you opened the door I could tell you were going to be able to help. You have a very easy manner and when you showed me into your room I felt so at ease straight away. After talking to you the first evening I was able to conquer my fears of travelling in cars following my accident. I was totally amazed at how my mind had shifted so positively. The second session we dealt with my lack of sleep due to a snoring partner, hypnotherapy was used and I was, to say the least, a bit sceptical as to the power of hypnotherapy but was proved wrong in the fact I slept soundly!! Amazing!!

I used your techniques and was able to ignore the noises and go off into a wonderful and peaceful place that allowed sound sleep. Fantastic. My next session and following final session dealt with my confidence at work and using the techniques and my mantra you gave me, I can now deal happily with what used to be stressful times in my work place. I still use my mantra and I use all the techniques you gave me and wouldn’t be without them. I now feel more rested and more confident as a result of having my sessions with you. I am totally astounded that the mind can be utilized in such a positive manner to overcome the difficulties I have been trying to deal with and in such a way that its not drug ridden or intrusive. I truely feel that it has been time and money well spent. I am sure our paths will cross again as I know you are there should I have the need to call on you again. I wish you all the very best and continue with your amazing work.

All my love to you. q

Fear of Flying

qThanks Diana, Can I just say your CD on flying has helped me conquer a irrational fear which I have for years. I always use it now a few weeks before we fly. We came back from holiday last week and it got quite bumpy but those calming words “like a bumpy road” just made all the difference. I have been using the cd for perhaps three years and what a difference it has made. Thank youq

Positive Self Image

qJust a short note with the best news for nearly 10 years – you have given my daughter her smile back and made us both so happy. Very early days yet and I want to sing from the roof tops about this kind of help for young women.
thankyou thankyou thankyouq
Mary mum of Janet


qThank you for the healing. My shoulders have certainly got a warm glow deep inside and the pain is less though not gone. Sorry I nodded off on the table but I got comfy.q

Improving Confidence in Relationships – Jealousy, Insecurity

qI have to say that without your support and guidance, I would not have had the reasoned state of mind or confidence to believe in myself and know that I am not mad, or capable of beginning to start making my life exactly how I want it to be. It was strange saying all of these things out loud to you. It actually made me feel really angry that I had allowed myself to become like that. It just allowed me to step out of the vortex of my head and see things for what they are. I will definitely come back and see you, though I think I now have the foresight to try things on my own for the next few weeks and see what happens. It was most definitely the best investment I have made in a long time. Thanks again and I will definitely be back in touch. q

Blushing and Anxiety

qI also wanted to say thanks for your help – I really feel that the CBT and hynosis we worked on has helped me a lot. I now feel more confident and in control in social situations and in work, and I’m sure that this helped me to perform well in my recent interview. I had been putting off addressing this issue for a long time and was unsure about what to expect when I arrived at my first appointment, but you were very professional and understanding and helped me to feel at ease. I now have some practical techniques to use when I feel myself becoming anxious. I also understand that this was a bigger issue in my mind than in reality, and this realisation hs helped me to relax. I look forward to using your hypnosis CD to become even more relaxed!
Thanks againq

Panic Attacks and Exams

qhi Diana I PASSED!!!! just thought id let u know. mum n dad think coming to see you helped alot as did i so they were thinking i could carry one maybe once a month. just thought youd like to know how i got on. was so pleased!! speak soonq
Becky xx

Alcohol Moderation

qHope you are well and had a good Christmas and New Year. I am really well and things have continued to improve since we last met. I had a lovely Christmas and New Year with my partner and our families. It the first Christmas in about 10 years that I didn’t have a shocking hangover or feel like I’d embarrassed myself at some party or family event! I’m still really amazed at how the desire to drink seems to have just faded away. I feel so much healthier and ‘be kind to yourself’ has become my mantra. Its such a simple thought but the biggest thing I took away from our meetings was the importance of being kind to myself. I really hadn’t realised how poorly I treated myself by working too much, not eating well and drinking so much. Every day now I look like for opportunities to be kind to myself and there are many- spending time with my partner, cooking a nice meal, not going into work early, having a lie in, listening to music, painting my nails… the list seems endless. I have rediscovered my interest in so many things. Before our session my life was so flat. In trying to avoid having to ‘feel’ I had washed all the colour out of life. Now I sometimes feel like I am on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, some days I feel really sad , particularly about my dad and then other days I experience real joy when I feel so excited about all the rich experiences life has to offer. I realise that these emotions are the stuff of life and I even quite enjoy the experiencing the variation in my emotions day to day. I feel like I have learned so much over the last 6 months. I went to see you in order to control my drinking but learned so much more about myself in the process than I could ever have imagined. Thanks so much for you support you really are fantastic at what you do!
All the very best for 2009.q

Sexual Identity

qThanks for today Diana. I feel better already! Much Appreciated. q

Panic Attacks

qThanks so much for all you have done for me. I cannot believe how different my life is now – as though I am living and breathing again if that makes sense! I now go out everyday, meet up with friends and even have a new boyfriend now that I met at the gym. Thanks again Diana. q


qJust to let you know since listening to your CD over the last week I am now sleeping through the night! Quite a change from broken sleep and only 3 hours continuous at a time. I feel so full of energy now that my husband can hardly keep up with me! q

Childhood Abuse

qHi Diana, just wanted to let you know I’m doing fantastic. Everything is really under control now and my relationship with my partner could not be better. I’ve confronted and faced my demons from the past and exorcised them completely. My future looks extremely bright. Thanks for all your help because it continues in my mind.
Hope you are well
Thanks againq
Steve x

Pregnancy & Childbirth

qHi Diana, Just a quick email to let you know that I had a little boy on Saturday 14th June. We’ve called him Max and he weighed 9 lb. We are both doing well. I would like to thank you for the hypnotherapy sessions, they helped me a great deal when I was in labour to focus and stay positive. I didn’t need any pain relief until I got to 7 cm which I was really impressed with.
Once again thank you and take care.
Best Regardsq

Singing Performance Confidence

qDear Diana, I hope you are well. Sorry for not getting back sooner. I would like to thank you for my personalised CD. I have been listening to it for about a year and i can honestly say that i have had a vast improvement with my focus, concentration and my attitude to my performance! I wish I had had this CD years ago! q
Lee – Tenor Singer

First Experience of Hypnotherapy

qHi Diana, Just wanted to thank you for this evening’s session. To say it was fascinating was an understatement, I was somewhere I’d never been before,unnerving yes,but in an enchanting way, I haven’t experienced before. I am looking forward to my next session, if I feel more relaxed then than now,it will be more than worth the while.
Thankyou once againq

Gambling Addiction

qHi Diana it’s Peter just to say a big thank you for all your help. I have not had a bet now for over four months and my life is fantastic. Hope you have a fantastic new year xq

Listener to Award Winning Agony Aunt Show in Ireland

qHi Diana, You were on my mind today because I was googling your name and I was going to write to you…… to start at the beginning I used to listen to your on Heartbeat show which I thought was fantastic on Beat 102-103, I lived in Wexford for some time and really found your show to be very healing and theraputic. However I moved away from Wexford and was not able to listen to your show – last Sunday night for the first time in ages I tuned in only to realise your show wasn’t on – I rang Beat102 on Monday and was absolutely gutted to hear that your show has been discontinued. So today I was toying with the idea of writing to you and I made a slip on the email address – I am just after noticing my mistake – I just wanted to ask you do you host any other show on any other radio station that would be similar to Heart Beat. You are a great person Diana – I really admire you and I know you helped alot of people through the Heart Beat show so even if I never get to listen to you again in the context of Beat 102 I can take all the advice you did give through your show to help me in the future as you have definately helped me.
Take care and best wishes,q

Breast Cancer Care

qDear Diana, I wanted to email you to say thank you very much for Chairing the expert panel at the Sheffield launch of our EMPLOY Charter. Your participation in the event is much appreciated and you did a great job We have received some good feedback from attendees and several people commented on their evaluation forms that they particularly liked the ‘ask the panel’ session. Quotes include:
“I thought every part was useful and vital for all”
“The panel were excellent”
“It was good to see a wide range of people on the panel”
Once again, many thanks for your support and for giving up your Thursday evening! We really appreciate all the support that you have given Breast Cancer Care. Best wishes,q

Anger Management

qHi Diana Some time ago I ordered two Cd’s from yourself, I found the, Anger Management CD particularly useful. You may or may-not remember but I was finding my 4 yr old very demanding, he still is!! but I can now use your technique to calm myself down and then deal with the situation better, patience and understanding go with me on my journey through the doors! So I would like to thank you very much for that. Also at the time of ordering I poured out a few other issues I am having which you kindly responded to, I have to say, if I am known how famous you are I don’t think would have bothered as I would have presumed i would just have received a standard reply not a personal one. so once again thank you.
Kind Regards.q

Self Belief

qI can’t believe the changes I have made to the way I see myself and my life since first meeting you. I feel like I see things in such clarity now, and although I am always working towards the things I want to achieve, you helped me to start going in the right direction. I came to you originally thinking I was a problem that needed solving – I thought there was something wrong with me that I wanted you to help me cure. From the very first session you helped me start to see that there was no problem in the first place. By talking things through with you I have begun to believe that I’m quite good as I am, and the only problem was that I just couldn’t see it. It is such an amazing and liberating realisation. You’re an amazingly wise person.
So, I just wanted to thank you for everything and I hope I’ll see you again soon.q

Panic Attacks- Pre Wedding Day

qI came to see Diana after months of thinking about it and never actually having the confidence to see a therapist. I had 8 weeks until my very large wedding day and physically felt like my brain was freaking out with control and panic issues and I could never relax and was quite low. From the moment Diana opened the door I felt at ease. She is a truly wonderful person and completely non-judgemental. She put me at ease and we talked through my worries. In the following sessions certain events in my past came to the surface and it was like a weight being lifted talking things through. Diana taught me relaxation technique’s and her CD is excellent. She certainly gave me back some confidence in myself and taught me how to deal with moments of anxiety and the importance to be happy in my own skin. After just one session I started to function better and we had around 6 sessions before my wedding day. The result was my wedding was perfect, I didn’t suffer a panic attack which was amazing and something which I owe all to Diana, my day was perfect and I was so happy. I enjoyed my day and hold happy memories which I will treasure forever because I had the confidence to be myself. I feel far more positive, content and happier as a person. I would 100% unreservedly recommend Diana Luke to anyone.
Thanks againq
Andrea x

Improved Performance – Personalised CD

qDear Diana, Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic CD, it was just what I have been looking for and more. If you ever need a singer please let keep me in mind! Best wishesq

Negative Thinking

qHi Diana, Thanks very much for the advice, I have some of the things on the list already. Also, I have been banishing the negative thoughts as you suggested to me. I have found myself thinking in a whole new, positive way! Many thanks.q

Presentation Anxiety

qI would recommend Diana whole-heartedly. She is an inspiring person and has given me techniques which I still call on in certain situations. Her techniques and advice worked very quickly. Every so often, during a stressful period I have called on her again. It is really comforting to have someone who I know will get me through rough patches with a mixture of compassion and real practical strategies. Thanks Dianaq

Stress Management – Relationship Issues

qHi Diana, Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how I’m getting on. I can’t thank you enough for the belief you gave me, and feel that every day I get stronger, and move on a little more from my nightmare year. I’m settling in at work, and have made some new friends. Again thank you so much for your, help, support and encouragement, you truely are a great lady. Loveq

Low Self Esteem

qWhen I first went to see Diana I was 22 and very low, no self esteem, confidence run into the ground and many other issues. After several hypo sessions I felt better and stopped going to see her. At the time money was also a problem so difficult to continue. Then after 7 years and just as I reached my 29th birthday I was feeling very low again and generally unhappy. My days were tough, job stressful, constant dissapointment. I decided to go along and see diana again. After several hypno sessions and discussions along with relaxation/self hypno cd’s I feel alive again. I am positive/happy and feel like my life has taken a turn around. Everything I do is so much more positive and fun. I would strongly recommend this therapy and of course Diana to take care of making your life so much better. Can’t thank you enough Diana. q

Confidence Building

qThe Counselling sessions I received were extremely helpful. I found Diana very easy to talk to and found myself wanting to open up about my feelings. I really appreciated that Diana offered advice rather than just listening. Diana has a very calming influence and to top everything of, is a lovely person!q

Letting Go of a Relationship

qHi Diana – I will definitely be in contact in the future as even just the three sessions I had have done me the world of good. See you soon and many thanks for all you have done for me.q
Sal x

Panic Attacks

qI felt comfortable in Diana’s company and easily able to express my anxieties and concerns. I did feel that our discussions and Diana’s advice helped me to get my problems, as I saw them, into perspective. I am still using the practical exercises Diana recommended on a regular basis. Best Regardsq

Negative Thinking

qDear Diana I always remember the time when I felt so much better after seeing you, it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I stopped blaming myself for the things that weren’t going to plan in my life – something I needed to have done a long time ago. You made me realise that I need to concentrate on myself and build myself up so I can deal with things better. Everytime I get down now I remind myself not to blame myself and it makes me feel more reassured, happier and more positive. Cheers q

Relaxation and Insomnia

qCheers Diana, listened to the CD this morning, it really does work, its amazing I feel great, and really relaxed! Its strange how the mind can convert its former thoughts into something more positive! Totally gob smacked! Genius! Thanks q

Weight Loss, Confidence Boost

qDear Diana I came to you for help with my weight, but you have helped me to regain self confidence in all areas of my life. Although the separation from my wife was reasonably amicable, it has still been a stressful time, and my comfort eating was at an all time high. My weight peaked late in the summer, and I wad feeling pretty down, but I have now met a wonderful girl and my life has been completely turned around. I have lost thirty pounds in a little over two months, and I can honestly say that it has been your relaxation techniques that have helped me throughout. In the past, I would never have made the first move that I did with Karen and I would almost certainly have been comfort eating over my inability to do so. Thank you so much for everything.q

Smoking Cessation

qThanks for your email. I’m doing fine actually! It seems like I’ve been in most situations now and I seem to be dealing with them. I think its 9 weeks now! Thanks againq

Binge Eating (Bulimia)

qDear Diana Yes I felt fabulous after my session yesterday and for the first time in ages didn’t binge WOW!! I listened to the CD last night when I went to bed and again this morning. I am starting to notice subtle changes nothing I can put my finger on just looking at things differently in a more positive light. q

Weight Loss CD

qHi Diana, Just to let you know, I’ve tried both the CDs and they’re great. Thank you very much. For me, I think the letting go of excess weight one is best. I find it so easy to visualise the things you ask and I love the coloured doors and rooms! It really suits me. I can’t believe those feelings of complete joy can come from within! Everyone should experience it.q

Stammer and Confidence Building

qHi Diana. I have managed to get a job now! Went for an interview last week and managed to use the technique you showed me of recreating a positive feeling before I went in, took plenty of deep breaths and the interview went fine. It’s part time computer programming work, which I’m glad about, as it will give me more time off to work on the stammer and I’ll not be under as much pressure as I was. Still listening to the hypnosis CD morning and night and I think it’s really helping me. I still go through bad patches when I’m feeling down or really stressed but I’m more positive than I have been for years. Hope you’re OK and thanks for all your help! Take care, q

Stress Management

qHi Diana. Just to let you, I feel as though things are changing, feeling more relaxed than ever before. I’m listening to the CD in the evening and finding it helpful. Regards. q

Smoking Cessation

qDiana, It is nice that you took the time to ask how I am doing. The good news is that I am still smoke free after 22 months 3 weeks and 2 days (but who is counting!!!!) I am sure that you helped which I appreciate very much. I have been back at work since Dec 2004 (unfortunately!) which hasn’t been an issue re the smoking so that has got to be good. Thanks again for taking the time to ask how I am doing and I hope you are OK and keeping busy. Byeq

Inflight Programmes

qHello Diana, I live in Geneva and got to know about you while travelling on Swiss from Zurich to Miami a month ago. I enjoyed very much listening to your tape during the flight and would like to purchase it. Could you please let me know the procedure to follow? Many thanks in advance. With best regards. q

Confidence & Relaxation CD

qDear Diana I have been listening to your CD since a year now and I can tell you how much it helped. It works so well that some of my friends who need the same therapy want to have your CD. Can you send me three more please. With Best Regardsq
Genevieve (Switzerland)

The Magic Garden CD for Mental & Physical Wellbeing

qHi Diana, I am so happy to have your new CD. It is the second time I listened to it. It gives me different feelings compared to the first one. I feel relaxed but also less passive (if my english is precise enough!). As if when I open my eyes at the end, I was feeling stronger and more positive; I guess it is the aim!! I really appreciate what you do. All the best.q

Boosting Confidence and Relaxation CD

qHi Di hope you are well. I have only had one chance so far to listen to the CD tonight, as have been working. Let me tell you, its fabulous…even made my mum listened to it with me, she’s one of the worst sleepers in the world, and she fell asleep listening to it!!! She’s gone to bed now feeling sleepy so will let you know if she’s had one of the best nights sleep ever. She said you’ve got a wonderfully relaxing voice and felt very safe and comfortable, as did I. You feel totally relaxed and secure, it’s brilliant, will do it every day before I go to bed, one so it helps me sleep and two so I feel as though I can face the days ahead full of confidence!
Thank you! Total success.q
Jess x

Getting Over Divorce

qCan I just do a quick p.s. and say thanks so much for all your help, I really, really appreciate it!!q

Weight Loss and Motivation to Exercise

qThanks for your support – I really value it I don’t know how I would have got through this last year without you.q

Improving Confidence and Self Esteem

qMany thanks for today, you really know how to get me to see things, and stop me being so non confident about myself,

Smoking Cessation

qHi Diana, I hope you are well. I’m still a non-smoker. I honestly think I’ll be like this for the rest of my life too. You’ve earned your wings now! I’m not stressed at work anymore – it?s not a bind either. I’ve even got an allotment! Thanks again and all the best.q

Insomnia and Confidence

qHi Diana… Really is a fantastic CD, Feel so much more confident and relaxed, more so than I ever have before. Feel more capable to cope with situations, more self assured. It’s a credit to you, really is.q


q I bought some chocolate to share when John asked if I wanted some and I said no, (shocked) he asked if I didn?t want any because I might feel guilty after I ate it? I said I just didn?t feel like any and really meant it. This is shocking to me I genuinely couldn?t care if I had any or not, it feels weird I can?t explain it. It?s like an emotion I have never felt before. If I had said no before I would sit there obsessing about the chocolate and thinking about it, there would be that little voice in my head saying ?mmm lovely chocolate?, ?just have a tiny piece?, ?you?re missing out?, etc etc. But nothing ?? no little voice???? I am for the first time in years genuinely not bothered about eating chocolate, this is something I could definitely get used to its great!! Thank you!q

Airline Programme

qDear Diana, I travel quite a lot and usually fly with Cathay Pacific and the Serenity channel is one of my favourites as its so spiritual and relaxing and I just love your vignettes of advice and wisdom! I especially like the one I heard today on the 5 things to have inner peace and being thankful! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us all! Best Regardsq
Chin L. from Hong Kong

Bereavement and Insomnia

qHey Diana I put yr CD on last night (I know took a long time .. .. I needed to make time!!) I had a really bad day yesterday re my mums death last year ?. So when I was off to bed I put on yr CD! It was great .. Really helped & had one of my best sleeps ever? I did wake up when it finished but went straight back to a fab sleep so thanks so much
Sarah Xxxx

qDiana Luke combines her extensive experience of health care with her natural wisdom, enthusiasm and compassion to provide
individual and group sessions that are truly inspirationalq
David Lawson – Author of I See Myself In Perfect Health

Stress Free Flying

qDear Diana, I just wanted to write to let you know that your Stress Free Flying CD worked wonders on me! I have been terrified of flying for over 10 years after becoming unwell on a flight to Greece and after that I would have panic attacks even just thinking about going to an airport. I spotted your CD in the New World Music catalogue that I get sent and I decided to send away for it. I have always wanted to go to Vancouver and last year I decided that 2005 was the year I was going to go. I listened to your CD every night for about 4 weeks before I went on holiday and on the day I felt just a little bit nervous. Sitting on the plane I felt fine and actually quite enjoyed it! It took 11 hours to get there and I was SO happy when I got off-I had done it with your help! A few weeks ago I went back to Canada, this time to Toronto for my cousins’ wedding and again I felt great. I can only describe myself as having a definite inner calm, no rapid heartbeat, no feeling sick, nothing! So thank you! Your calming voice and helpful advice for before travelling did the trick for me. I took your CD with me on the plane in case I needed to listen to it but didn’t need it. You have helped to lift a heavy weight off of my shoulders and I am now looking forward to my next flight wherever I decide to go next!
Thanks again,q

Food Phobia
(had not eaten anything other than four foods for over 30 years)

qHi Diana all is going well thank you I’m really grateful for the help you have given me.
The sessions I had with you helped me see things differently and gave me the confidence to try new foods without been scared.
I have started trying full meals and I’m trying most things my wife is eating but I’m taking things slowly. I have eaten chicken bites, southern fried chicken, jacket potato, ham, cheese, garlic bread, cheese and tomato pizza, pasta, rice, salad, spagetti, fried egg sandwich. Hope this feedback is ok for you,I will email you once a week on progress if thats ok. thanks againq

Mid Life Challenge

qHi Diana just wanted to join the others in praising you. Thanks so much for all your help in me coming through these difficult times – I don’t know that I would be here today writing this if it wasn’t for all your help and guidance- you made me feel special again and most importantly safe to discuss my fears and conquer them. Thanks again.q

Alcohol Moderation

qWell, result! I only had one small glass of white wine on Friday evening. The first alcoholic drink I’ve had since last Sunday! I have also been to the gym daily, without procrastinating, or punishing myself. I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve also been eating healthy. I’ve listened to the CD every evening as you recommended, usually before sleeping. I’ve been in bed before mid-night, sometimes 11pm, then rise about 630am, refreshed and focused. Thank you so muchq

Controlling Negative Thinking

qCheers Diana, received the CD this morning, and have tried it out, it really does work, its amazing i feel great, and really relaxed! Its strange how the mind can convert its former thoughts into something more positive! Totally gobsmacked!
Genius! Thankyou!q

Non Smoking

qHi Diana, I hope you are well. I’m still a non-smoker. I honestly think I’ll be like this for the rest of my life too. You’ve earned your wings now! I’m not stressed at work anymore – its not a bind either. I’ve even got an allotment! Thanks again and all the best,q

Confidence CD

qReally is a fantastic Cd, Feel so much more confident and relaxed, more so than i ever have before. Feel more capable to cope with situations, more self assured. It’s a credit to you, really is.q