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Hypnosis for Broken Hearts

broken_heartHypnotherapy has become popular, of late, as a tool to break all manner of addictive habits from smoking to over-eating. But now thousands of women are turning to it to help them move on from a relationship gone wrong. Its selling point over traditional therapies is its claim to be a quick and effective way of tackling the issue that’s troubling you immediately, rather than after weeks of crying on a psychologist’s couch.

Making an appointment

If you are experiencing a broken heart then please consider making an appointment with Diana to help you over this painful time and allow yoursef to move forward quickly with acceptance and love. You may only need a couple of therapy sessions but everyone is different. If you are near Sheffield then you are able to attend in person but if you live far away there is a always a Skype alternative session. They are an hour each unless you would prefer the powerful Fast Track Therapy which is a concentrated three hour session, which is very effective.

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