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Prevention Better Than Cure!

I was talking with one of my clients the other day – a well respected head teacher in a busy school. When people ask him how he copes and manages to keep his stress levels to a minimum and keep on track with his well being both mentally and physically, he tells them he comes to me for his preventative therapy.

I thought that was an interesting way to put it. After all he is not broken, he doesn’t need fixing per say, just wants to keep the engine running smoothly. I suppose it’s a bit like maintaining your car. Check the windscreen washer, oil, check the fuel, the tires and get it serviced regularly to keep it in tip top shape.

It’s funny how often people are keen to jog or go to the gym to keep their bodies in good shape, but seldom consider the needs of the mind’s well being. But did you know that the way we think alters us physically as well? If you get anxious over a period of time you can develop irritable bowel, palpitations, sweats and insomnia. By worrying about your heath, you can actually make yourself ill. What we focus on expands so if you are worrying about something what do you think will expand? The worry of course. However the beauty of the mind is when we put our focus on being calm and confident and recognizing our strengths and abilities, rather than focusing on perceived failures,  all sorts of magical things begin to happen- like blood pressure goes down, insomnia disappears and our sense of well being soars to new heights.

Preventative Therapy

Preventative Therapy – I like that title.

So my client taught me a valuable lesson. See therapy as a prevention to stress, anxiety, irrational fears and phobias. To keep relationships in harmony, avoid self sabotaging habits, focus on the good stuff.

Preventative Therapy.

See it as being offered practical tools designed with you in mind, to keep you running as smoothly as possibly, enjoying life, rather than enduring it.

Preventative Therapy.

Why not come in for your monthly checkup? After all, prevention is better than cure.